Saturday, July 11

Chairmans Corner

Chairmans Corner

Saturday Adults

Rovers 16

Rovers 16 lost their game this weekend 3-0 and are currently in 4th position of Division 4. Still a good season from my point of view, keep on going lads, keep it up.

Rovers 18

Rovers 18 won their home game 2-0 and are currently in 6th of Division .1. which nis a great season considering its their first and they have had to build up a squad. Next season will be your season lads.

Sunday Adults


Rovers had no game this weekend and are currently sitting 2nd in the Premier league just 2 points behind the leaders with a game in hand. With that and a cup final this season it looks like another successful season for the team, well done everyone.

Rovers 17

Rovers 17 had a cup semi final game this weekend which they one and are our 2nd team to be in a cup final this season. Our Sunday teams seem to be setting the standards at the moment and we are very proud of what they are achieving. Hopefully, we will have an increase in silverware this year from last year..come on lads..

Youth Teams

Rovers U8’s

Rovers Under 8’s had no game this weekend but had a very good training session on Saturday morning. The management team are now looking at building their Under 9’s team ready for next season. Well done to all, a good season for a first season for the kids and the management team. Well done to all, hope to see you all going for it next season.

Rovers U10’s

Rovers Under 10’s created the biggest headline this weekend making everyone involved in the club very proud, they won their first game and it was well deserved from the comments made, they played amazing, lets hope this is the start of something good for the team and the management team. One more game then we start building for an amazing 2019/2020 season. Well done to all the kids, coaches and parents, we are so proud of you guys !!

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