Saturday, July 11

Chairmans Corner

Chairmans Corner

Saturday Adults

Rovers 16

No game this weekend for Medway Rovers 16. Check out their fixtures to see when their next game will be.

Rovers 18

No game this weekend for Medway Rovers 18. Check out their fixtures to see when their next game will be.

Sunday Adults


No game this weekend for Medway Rovers Sunday, their opponents forfeited the game so that’s a nice easy 3 points for Paul & his team.

Rovers 17

No game this weekend for Medway Rovers 17. Check out their fixtures to see when their next game will be.

Youth Teams

Rovers U8’s

No game this week for our under 8’s, they have one more game to play which will be played this Sunday coming I believe. Good luck to all those taking part and lets go for a win to top off a good first season for the boys & girls,

Rovers U10’s

No game this week for our Under 10’s but they will be in action again this coming Sunday. Lets hope Ash, Gareth and the boys can get another win to make it two in a row to end the season on a massive high. Good luck to all concerned.

Other Matters

Adult Teams

We have TWO Sunday teams in cup finals this year and would like to get some good support at their games. Please keep an eye out for details of the events and ticket prices so we can get as many members there as we can to show our boys some support.

Youth Teams

We have had a brilliant season so far with the teams we have. Under 8’s have developed nicely, considering two new coaches and a brand new team they didn’t do too bad. Under 10’s done well sticking in their and finally getting that win that everyone so deserved. Plus getting nominated for the Medway Sports Awards this year too, all in all a bloody good job all round. We done to everyone concerned with the team, we are very proud of your achievements.

New for 2019/2020 Season

We have lots of new things happening going into the 2019/2020. We are setting up a monthly newsletter that will start next month to keep everyone up to date with new things happening. We have a new set up coming in for our soccer school, this new website should be all up to date and ready for next season. 

Everyone should be getting emails soon so we can start setting up teams for next season. The leagues like to get teams registered early to set up league tables etc. If you could reply to this email ASAP to enable us to organise teams next season. We also need to get teams registered with the KCFA as early as possible otherwise the leagues do not accept the teams. This time is a very busy time for us behind the scenes so your assistance is much appreciated in getting information sent back.

That’s all from me this week, on behalf of myself and the other board members we really appreciate your co-operation and support in running our club and making it enjoyable for everyone concerned.

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