Saturday, July 11

Chairmans Corner

Chairmans Corner

Saturday Adults

Rovers 16

There is nothing to up date on Rovers 16 at this moment but we are hoping to have some exciting news coming up very soon for them.

Rovers 18

Rovers 18 finished their season in joint 6th on 19points which is great for their first season. Mitch is already making plans for next season!

Sunday Adults


Rovers lost their cup final unfortunately but they have secured 1st place in the premier league which is another great success for the team and the club. Well done to all concerned.

Rovers 17

Rovers 17 have a cup final to look forward to on the 12th May and they will be against the opponents they just played and beat in a thrilling 5-4 game, the cup final looks set to be one not to miss!

Youth Teams

Rovers U8’s

With the season being over now for our Under 8’s plans are under way for next season. I did send an email requesting our members thoughts on some upcoming ideas, we look forward to reading your comments.

Rovers U10’s

Rovers Under 10’s are going to have a shuffled round ahead of next season with some changes coming along but we feel it will be best in the interests of the kids which is what its all about in the long run. Again, if you got an email with some changes on please lets us have your comments ASAP so we can get the wheels in motion.

General Club News


I have been away so the lottery has not been getting published to let you all know whats the latest.

The BIG roll-over was won on the 13/04/19 with Rob Cranfield winning £122.50

The following week was a joint win between Katie Brackstone & Shirley Bowles both sharing a £14 jackpot.

This week it all starts again with the £28 jackpot but with you all sharing it on social media and getting family/friends involved who knows what the jackpot could end up being.

New Website

Our new website is being worked on vigorously to get up to date with as much information as we can to make it a great place to browse and find out the latest on what is happening within this great little club of ours.

Please keep checking back and sharing links to build a great little community that everyone will enjoy being a part of.

That is all from me for now, thanks for all your help & support and I look forward to updating you again soon on more news and lottery winners!

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